Across the nation, community colleges have deepened their engagement with thousands of employers through TAACCCT grant projects. TAACCCT provided seed funding that developed or redesigned nearly 2,700 industry-aligned programs of study to equip adults with skills that lead to family-supporting jobs.

A USDOL TAACCCT framework, shown below, presents the degree of employer engagement in college initiatives along a spectrum of partnership activity, with employer roles ranging from less to more active. The series of examples below show how TAACCCT grants helped to deepen employer engagement at all levels of program design and implementation, with employer partners taking on a variety of roles – from advising to strategic implementation. The employer relationships forged and deepened through TAACCCT have the potential to continue reaping dividends into the future.

Employer Engagement Project Showcase: Deepening Employer Engagement

As part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s TAACCCT initiative, grantees were required to develop or strengthen relationships with local employers to ensure workforce development programs focus was on job-driven skills and knowledge. The TAACCCT grantees selected for this showcase represent different employer engagement strategies across different industry sectors and can be useful examples for others to adopt and adapt for their own projects. Many of these projects created “toolkits” containing templates, planning tools, and guidelines for supporting employer engagement. The resources highlighted in this showcase are FREE to download, reuse, and revise to serve the needs of education or industry.