The following resources have been compiled to help Round 4 TAACCCT grantees as they prepare for the final months of their grant program. 
  • Round 4 Closeout and Deliverables - The attached letter, which was sent to TAACCCT grantees on December 15, 2017, outlines the remaining deliverables, and their corresponding due dates, that Round 4 TAACCCT grantees must complete. 
  • Round 3 TAACCCT Closeout Webinar - This webinar, while delivered for Round 3 grantees, is still relevant to Round 4 grantees. This is the only webinar on closeout with an extensive presentation on the financial closeout process. 
  • 2018 Round 4 TAACCCT Closeout Webinar - This webinar was delivered for Round 4 grantees and operated as a Q&A session. For more of a presentation-style webinar, review the Round 3 Closeout Webinar. 
  • TAACCCT Transition Planning Checklist- This checklist will help you transition responsibilities to new staff to collect and report on data, sustain your efforts and innovations, and close out your grant successfully.
  • TAACCCT Round 4 Extension LetterThis letter, which the Grant Office disseminated in May of 2016, offers the option to extend grant-funded program activities into year 4 of your grant. 
  • ETA Grant CloseoutThis page is the DOLETA website page that covers the ETA guidance on the financial closeout process.