These resources are the PowerPoint slides from the concurrent sessions on Day 2 of the 2017 Round 4 TAACCCT Convening.

Day 2 – Sessions 2

  • Missouri’s Workforce Innovation Networks (MOWINS) Scaling Models
  • Supporting Your Success with SkillsCommons
  • Homegrown: Growing Your Own Workforce
  • Sustainable Employment Data Partnerships
  • Centers Of Excellence Model: Employer Engagement And Sustainability
  • Healthcare Montana: Creating Access To Rural Education Through Health Care Apprenticeships

Day 2 - Sessions 3

  • Building A Success Network To Support Students Online
  • Storytelling Strategies And Tools To Sustain TAACCCT Innovations
  • Lessons On Implementing And Scaling Competency-Based Education Through TAACCCT
  • Bringing Jobs Back To The United States And Indiana
  • Technology Innovations Promoting Sustainability In Massachusetts
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Day 2 - Sessions 4

  • Maximizing Employer Partnerships For Successful Innovation
  • The Case For Career Coaching And Advising: Impact And Sustainability
  • Student Supports: A Critical Thread From Inquiry To Employment
  • Statewide Transformation: Sustaining What Works Through Industry Sector Partnerships
  • Reframing OER to Employer Needs Using National Competency Frameworks
  • Three States, Three Grants, Three Data Integration Solutions