A great deal has been written about TAACCCT programs, their impact on industry and on adult students seeking a pathway to a family-sustaining career. This page highlights the TAACCCT funded projects that impacted their community college's student support structures. 

Building Student Engagement Through Technology

Consortium for Healthcare Education Online (CHEO) is focused on utilizing technology to build collective impact and break down geographical barriers across the five states in which the eight colleges are located

INAM Gives Students a Path

INAM works on providing career planning services in addition to technical training.

INAM Students Love Manufacturing

Presents the student perspective of how the manufacturing programs offered by INAM have improved their knowledge, skills, and subsequently, career prospects.

Intrusive Advising; Lessons Learned from TAACCCT

Many TAACCCT grants throughout the country employed advising/coaching strategies to help improve retention, completion and employment outcomes.

Intrusive Student Support and Contextualized Developmental Education

The Colorado Online Energy Training Consortium (COETC) developmental education redesign involves replacing the traditional sequence of developmental education courses with courses that employ acceleration, modularization, and contextualization.

Northern Virginia Community College’s Comprehensive Solution to the Adult College Completion Challenge

In 2011, Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) launched a new Adult Career Pathways (ACP) initiative to enable more low-income adult students to access and succeed in career studies programs. The ACP program demonstrates that community colleges can successfully enroll and serve low-income adult students on a significant scale and maintain high rates of student success.            

Using Navigators to Support Student Success

Gulf Coast IT Consortium supported student success and diversity through career navigators.