The U.S. Department of Labor’sTrade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant program is a major investment to increase the ability of community colleges to address the challenges of today’s workforce.  Grants totaling $1.9 billion were awarded to 256 grantees over four years.  The TAACCCT program is designed to serve a diverse population of workers eligible for training under the TAA for Workers program, as well as a broad range of other adults

The Fact Sheets found here begin to illustrate the long term impacts TAACCCT is making on the community college and workforce systems across the country, and will be updated as new information becomes available. 

  • Program Information: Offers an overview as well as key program information to date about TAACCCT, such as programs launched, participants enrolled, and credentials earned.
  • The Broad Reach of TAACCCT Funding: This map illustrates the broad reach of TAACCCT funding across the nation’s community colleges.  Find total funding for each state, and learn about the types of grants each state received.   
  • A Catalyst for Systems Change: Find an overview of state consortium grants, which represent over half of TAACCCT funding, and the impact they are having at the state level.
  • Deepening Employer Engagement: This fact sheet provides examples of how TAACCCT grants are deepening employer engagement within industry sectors across the nation. 
  • Community College Presidents’ Voices on Impact: Hear directly from six Community College Presidents how TAACCCT is impacting their institutions.
  • Open Educational Resources: A one-page overview of, the online repository that makes the materials produced with TAACCCT funds available to ALL training providers.