The associated resources on this page are to help TAACCCT grantees and their third-party evaluators produce an informative final evaluation report. The Department has worked with the National Evaluation team to develop this guidance for producing your report and using an executive summary to highlight your key findings. The guidance contains useful information on how to develop a high quality evaluation report, how DOL will use and publish the reports, and the content the reports should contain.
  • Guidance on TAACCCT Final Evaluation Reports: This resource provides guidance on how to ensure your final evaluation report addresses all the requirements of the third-party evaluations, and supports the goal of sharing valuable evidence from the TAACCCT grants for the federal government and the field.
  • TAACCCT Third-Party Evaluation (TPE) Executive Summary Recommended Outline: This resource offers a recommended outline for your final evaluation report’s executive summary to ensure that high-level findings from the TAACCCT grants are effectively conveyed to a wide audience, especially non-experts. Using this outline will also allow for findings across TAACCCT evaluations to be compared and to build a body of evidence on particular approaches to building capacity for workforce education and training at community colleges.


TAACCCT stands for Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants