The associated resources to this page are some of the key resources that offer guidance to the performance reporting requirements of your TAACCCT grant.
  • TAACCCT Round 2/3/4 OMB Reporting Package (Updated): This package contains all Round 2/3/4 forms and instructions for completing required performance reporting.
  • Compilation of TAACCCT FAQs: See the Performance Reporting section (Section III) for faqs published by ETA that relate to performance.
  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #1:  Reporting Flow Chart - This flow chart helps you track a participant through the B fields of the reporting outcomes for TAACCCT until an exit point is reached.

  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #2:  Who Counts as a Participant? - Follow the trail to determine if your student is a participant.

  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #3:  Completion, Exit and Counting Employment - This graphic shows the relationship of completion and exit to one another and the timing for counting someone as having entered

  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #4:  Entering Employment vs. Further Education - These graphics will display when to count participants in B.7 or B.8.

  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #5:  Counting Outcomes During and After Six-Month Extension - This chart displays which outcomes can be reported in the fourth and final year if the 6 month extension was taken. 

  • Performance Reporting Technical Assistance Resource #6: Using the definitions of the outcomes of the APR, this document contains the accurate methods of obtaining percentages of participants who have achieved those outcomes.

  • TAACCCT TA Guide for Reporting Documentation: This is a technical assistance guide to help TAACCCT grantees determine the documentation necessary to support the reporting requirements of their grant award package.
  • TAACCCT APR Thermometer Instructions: The TAACCCT Annual Performance Report (APR) Thermometer compares a grantee’s performance outcomes reported in the APR against the applicable targets projected in the Statement of Work (SOW).
  • TEGL 15-10: Addresses strategies that the workforce system can adopt to increase credential attainment and improve the quality of credentials.
  • TEGL 15-10 - Attachment 2: An addition to TEGL 15-10, Attachment 2 discusses what a credential means for training and employment, including the terms "industry-recognized" and provides examples for several industries.