By Karen Cowell, SkillsCommons IE2EI IMPACTcommunity Ambassador

The SkillsCommons IE2EI IMPACTcommunity is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar, Jumpstart to Successful Instruction: A Deeper Dive into an Accelerated Course for New Instructors, which the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Education will co-host on August 22, 2018. The IMPACTcommunity designed the accelerated and interactive course, Jumpstart to Successful Instruction: IE2EI (Industry Expert to Expert Instructor, to facilitate the transition of skilled industry professionals to the world of higher education.

A California State University-MERLOT SkillsCommons’ project funded by the U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT initiative, the IE2EI IMPACTcommunity is led by members who together have over 75 years of experience in post-secondary instruction, instructional design, and administration. The community develops resources targeted to industry experts newly employed in community and technical colleges and instructors seeking to refresh their skills in the delivery of instruction methodology.

Jumpstart 101 modules for new instructors are now available on SkillsCommons, and Jumpstart 102 and 103 modules will soon be added to the collection. All modules can be viewed by individuals, imported into a college’s learning management system, or used in face-to-face professional development classes. Modules are agile, and the freestanding design allows for only the sessions most relevant to a specific situation to be utilized if desired. Because this is a FREE and OPEN course, all modules can be downloaded to individual colleges’ learning management systems and customized with a college’s own branding.

Jumpstart 101 topics include syllabus design, classroom management, effective communications with students, and assignments development. The Jumpstart 102 and 103 modules cover topics on more advanced learning theories, project and problem-based learning, program advisory committees, fair and balanced assessment, the first faculty evaluation, and more. The content of the course is in an interactive video format and contains periodic knowledge checks throughout each module.

How can I preview Jumpstart modules? Jumpstart modules are FREE and OPEN educational resources (OER) licensed under SkillsCommons, and they are available without cost in the Jumpstart Showcase.

How much does Jumpstart cost? The Jumpstart full course and individual modules are CCBY licensed and are FREE and OPEN to everyone. There is no charge to view modules and no cost to use them. SkillsCommons does not require a log in to access content. As the world’s largest OER collection of workforce training materials, all SkillsCommons content has been vetted by subject matter experts.

I viewed the Jumpstart modules, but I have suggestions for other topics. SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunity looks forward to your input regarding content and how you choose to use the course. Users can leave comments, critiques, and suggestions right on the Jumpstart content page. Your feedback is critical to our improving the modules and increasing effectiveness and usability.

How can I get help if I want to use the Jumpstart to Successful Instruction: IE2EI modules at my college or workplace? The SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunity and technical assistance team can help. Please send comments or requests for assistance at

We look forward to having you join us on the upcoming Jumpstart to Successful Instruction webinar!

About the Author:
Karen Cowell, a SkillsCommons IE2EI IMPACTcommunity Ambassador, has extensive background in higher education administration. She is a member of the Jumpstart design team and a writer for SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunities.