By Maria Fieth, Program Manager for Communications and Community,
SkillsCommons is excited to introduce you to IMPACTcommunities, a valuable new service developed for TAACCCT grantees and others and launched through TAACCCT community building sessions at the 2016 INNOVATE Conference. Join us at upcoming conferences.

What Are IMPACTcommunities?
Supported through SkillsCommons and CSU MERLOT, IMPACTcommunities are designed to deliver products and services to the TAACCCT and workforce development communities that will sustain the success of TAACCCT. IMPACTcommunity members are TAACCCT grantees, community colleges, industry sectors, professional organizations, national/state/local workforce development programs, and others interested in leading and participating in essential and sustainable initiatives that advance workforce development programs. IMPACTcommunities are using collaborative problem solving processes for common challenges found in higher education today.

Goals for IMPACTcommunities
Our goal for the IMPACTcommunities is to enable affordable innovations in workforce education and workforce development programs to be easily and widely adopted and adapted by teachers, learners, industries, and professional organizations. This focus is designed to help scale the benefits of the U.S. Department of Labor’s TAACCCT investment in workforce development programs at community colleges across America.

Storytelling Network IMPACTcommunity
Our purpose is to use storytelling as a way to share solutions to the challenges of workforce development in higher education. This community is taking advantage of the TLN Community of Practice to share their stories on WorkforceGPS through webinars and blog posts. Register for the first grantee-led webinar, TAACCCT Voices of Opportunity: Creating Resiliency and Building Community and submit a storytelling proposal to share your TAACCCT story on WFGPS.

Industry Expert to Expert Teacher IMPACTcommunity (IE2ET)
Our purpose is to support workforce development programs across all industry sectors preparing industry experts to become excellent teachers.

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